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Carbon Free Meeting Coalition

In order to effectively drive the value and adoption of carbon free meeting technologies – be they video, audio or collaboration based – our primary focus is on the methodologies, certification and education around the development, use, implementation and measurement of advanced communication technologies, completely underwritten through our signature “Carbon Free Meeting Company” standardization program, which serve to outline key parameters organizations must meet to be recognized as a “c02 Free meeting company” program participant and to obtain the recognition, opportunities – and potential tax credits – available to companies that meet these standards.

Without standards, even simple basic standards, buyers can not make effective purchase decisions when evaluating “green “ solutions and products. In turn, sellers and producers can not effectively differentiate and even determine which “green” products the market needs. Green Technologies as a category can be misleading through buyer confusion and savvy marketers –
– It is important to be able to measure the value you are receiving out of your carbon free meeting initiatives.

• C02 reductions• Cost savings.• Time savings.
What is Carbon Free Meeting Certified?
• C02fmc certified is an organizational certification programproviding a baseline standard that enables hardware, software and other products to be measured against their environmental savings.

– Why do we need to be c02fmc certified?
• No other standards body exists to certify companies who meet the stringent requirements needed to be recognized for using advanced communication technologies to reduce their carbon footprint.• Carbon Tax Credits.

– What is the application process to become c02fmc certified?

• Fill out c02fmc certified application• Illustrate proper measurement and tracking tool.• Illustrate a defined period of use that illustrates measurablesavings in carbon emissions
– Need Help – We’re here to help you , especially with measurement, tracking and reporting tools.

– Is there a logo we can use?
• Yes, in fact there are three different variations.
– Are there different levels of certification?
• Yes – Audio, video or collaboration — or a combination of allthree.
– Is there a fee associated with Certification?
• Yes, there is a minimal fee based size of your organization and level of certification.
– Can we submit a product to be certified?
• Yes – we have already begun accepting applications for our product certification program and we are processing them in a timely manner.

Visit Carbon Free Meeting Coalition for more information

Greening Your Business with
“Know Beans About Green” by Bev Oster

Bev Oster greened her advertising and pr agency and has turned her practical experience into a story-based model for other businesses to use as a model for defining their business opportunities and leading their team through the greening process. “Know Beans About Green” is a fun read and an excellent model for small business greening, especially for service businesses. Highly recommended!


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